Conejo Links

Here are a few links recommended by Brian and the Berg. Discover the Conejo here!


1. Get your chill on in the outdoors with the Conejo Open Space Foundation. Maps of local open space and volunteer activities.

2. For more organized outdoor fun, check out the Conejo Recreation and parks District.

3. For a refined outdoor experience, visit the Conejo Valley Botanical Garden.

4. Got Business? Check out the Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce.

5. Awesome old photos of the Conejo Valley and locals on Conejo Through The Lens, a great Flickr site! Some priceless stuff here.

6. Into history? Have a look at the Stagecoach Inn Museum.

7. Conejo Oaks Baseball – Great summer baseball in the Conejo Valley

8. Ghost sightings in Thousand Oaks! Oh My!

9. The night that UFO’s appeared over the Conejo Valley

10. Greg and I are into Shakespeare, so we must recommend the Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival. This is really a great ticket people, and the season is about to start!

Got a tip for a great Conejo Website to link? Post it in the comments below!

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