Meeting Berg & Brian

CHILLIN LOGOWe’ve already learned from their bio’s under Blog Authors that Berg is eccentric and Brian is pragmatic.  If you had to bump into one of them, would it be the entropist or the conservationist?  Better yet, which one would you rather have as a neighbor?  For most of us our neighbors, our commute, and where we  live are all merely moving backdrops.  We live so fast we see so little.  We focus on very specific points in our busy lives out of necessity.   If we stop to smell the roses, per the old truism, we would notice how much more there is to life.  Because there’s perpetuity.

In this hamlet of ours that we licitly refer to as  The Conejo Valley, Berg and Brian plan on exposing not only the obvious about were we live, but the esoteric, the entertaining and the unexpected.  Each episode will bring something new.  Whether it be Berg sharing the hiddin gem of Eichlerville, Brian teaching us on how to transform our lawns into desert oasis, the both of them down at the Crown and Anchor sipping a pint, or introducing special guests such as friends or complete strangers.  There may be opportunity for you to suggest what type of shenanigans you wish to see them in.  Perhaps a pedicure or foot message at one of Conejo’s many haunts.

We live in a special place because we make it special.  We choose to live in the Conejo because it is not Los Angeles (a lugubrious prostitute that’s been repeatedly bedded).  We live amongst the oaks and the rabbits and the Santa Monica Mountians that all genuinely contribute to our mental and physical health.  In order to appreciate we have to stop taking for granted.  Our community deserves us, and in return we deserve what we make of it.  So make it better and better.

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