A Day at the Ball Park with The Conejo Oaks

L1000879DCIM100GOPROThe Conejo Oaks Baseball club is our local team that plays in the California Collegiate League. “The California Collegiate League is a professionally run amateur baseball league for college athletes.  It is best described as a “gap” league, bridging the gap between collegiate baseball and professional baseball…..The CCL conducts its season during the summer months so as to comply with the NCAA rules governing the academic requirements of student-athletes, and operates as a non-profit corporation.”

On Saturday July 12, 2014 Brian and Berg attended a game at California Lutheran University’s Sparky Anderson Field. Joined by their crony, A.J, the three enjoyed an afternoon under the bleachers, on a warm and languid summer Saturday, scarfing hotdogs and nachos while rooting for the Conejo Oaks who won against the California Wahoos. And although Brian didn’t win the raffle, the Oaks won 4-3.  Afterwards, Berg and Brian had the honor of speaking with Verne Merill general manager and David Soliz team manager.

The afternoon was well spent enjoying one of America’s greatest pastimes. Chillin’ salutes The Conejo Oaks and encourages everyone to support our local team. Attached is a clip of the interview, along with some shots of the game.




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